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Austrian overcoat or "Roquelor" 1798-1850

Austrian overcoat or "Roquelor" 1798-1850

Austrian overcoat or Roquelor, as worn during the Napoleonic Wars and later until 1849, reconstructed from contemporary representations and the text and plates of the official regulations. 

It is made of heavy Loden-type wool grey melange (graumeliert) cloth, lined with natural hemp twill canvas (Zwilch) in the upper body only. Buttons of brass or pewter according to regiment (please specify).

The overcoat can be made for German and Hungarian regiments, Jaegers, Grenzers, as well as in all the versions for cavalry, dragoons, chevau-légers, pioneers, gendarmerie, etc. please enquire.

Available in the standard four regulation sizes, plus an additional xlarge one (specify your height for sleeve and overall length).    

  • standard size chart

      xsmall small medium large xlarge
    EU sizes 42-44 46-8 50-52 54-56 58-60
    UK sizes 32"-34" 36"-38" 40"-42" 44" 46"


  • standard heights

      short regular tall xtall
    EU cm 168-175 176-183 184-191 192-199
    UK in. 5'6"5'9" 5'9"-6' 6'-6'3" 6'3"-6'6"


PriceFrom €360.00
Excluding VAT
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