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French cartridge box of the "Mousquetaires à cheval"

French cartridge box of the "Mousquetaires à cheval"

French cartridge box of the pattern used by the famed Mousquetaires à cheval from c. 1750.

Of "Russia" leather, enclosing a wooden block pierced for ten or twelve cartridges, the outer heavy flap is bound with silver braid specific to this unit of the Maison du Roy, and is decorated with the embroidered iconic device of a silver cross, with fleurs-de-lys at the ends and red (or light brown) flames in the corners. The box is carried with a buff leather shoulder strap bound with silver lace on the edges and pipeclayed in ochre yellow. A Silver or brass buckle adjusts the length. The transverse connecting buff strap is used to hold the bayonet scabbard (not included), as for the dragoons. On campaign a forage cap could also be strapped over this belt.

Meticulously copied from the original extant example in the Musée de l'Armée of Paris (see pic). You cannot find this stunningly replicated piece of equipment anywhere else, and at a really great price for its top quality! 

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