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French cartridge pouch 1697

French cartridge pouch 1697

French cartridge pouch of the pattern illustrated by Surirey de Saint-Rémy in his "Mémoires d'artillerie" published in 1697. This pattern is also shown in the plates engraved by Giffart that illustrate the drill manual of 1696, and can be fairly certainly attributed to the French Guards.

This wonderfully detailed reconstruction is based on this period primary source and the study of Michel Pétard (Les Equipéments Militaires). The pouch is made of soft leather, while the covering flap is made of thick saddle leather, and the hanging powder flask of boiled leather, all in the so-called "Russia" colour (a crimson shade of leather). The flap is bound with thin white leather, as is also the shoulder strap, pipeclayed in ochre yellow. The transverse strap is used to hold the bayonet scabbard (not included). To the front of the belt hangs by a cord a smaller horn powder flask for priming the musket. 

A really beautiful piece of equipment, at once practical and stylish, you will not find such a stunning reproduction anywhere else, and at a ridiculous price for its quality!

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