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French Guards or line infantry cartridge box pattern 1747-1750

French Guards or line infantry cartridge box pattern 1747-1750

French cartridge box pattern 1747-1750 of the type used by the Gardes Françaises and graphically illustrated by Baudouin in the plates engraved for the drill manual of 1755.                                   This wonderfully detailed reconstruction features a "Russia" leather bag enclosing a wooden block drilled for 36 cartridges, protected by a thick, heavy leather flap bound with white thin leather and embossed with the King of France's arms highlighted with a silver wash. The cartridge box is carried by a buff leather shoulder belt pipeclayed in ochre yellow and stitched on the edges with waxed linen thread.  A brass buckle allows for lengthtening or shortening the belt, while two other buckles are used to attach the belt to the cartridge box on the sides. To the connecting transverse strap is attached the rolled forage cap "bonnet de police à la dragonne" (not included). Underneath the box hangs the powder flask, likewise of boiled "Russia" leather with a wooden screw stopper, this was used as a reserve of black powder when cartridges ran out. There is nothing like this wonderfully reconstructed piece of equipment anywhere else, a top quality item for a bargain price! Also available is the plainer line infantry patterrn, without the two side buckles connecting the shoulder belt to the box, and plain outer flap without embossed arms. The buff belt is also plain, without stitching on the edges. This pattern was also used by the dragoons from 1750 c.

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