Spartan 300 cape or cloak

Spartan 300 cape or cloak

Spartan cape or cloak, authentic copy of those created by the costume designes for the block-buster cult movie "300". Exactly like the capes especially created for the movie, our reproduction is made of 3.5 yds/3 mts. of fine raw crimson heavy linen, which hangs and drapes correctly over the shoulders and at the back. To help support the weight of the cloak, the costumers developed the leather harness, which also helps keeping the cloak correctly pleated over the shoulders. This fine replica is made again available for all cosplayers and fans of the movie, eager to play the roles of Leonidas, Stelios or any other character! This is nothing like the cheap and awful carnival costumes you can find elsewhere in the net, but as close a copy of the capes used in the movie as can be had, and comes complete with beautifully replicated Spartan brooch that keeps the cloak closed under the neck and over the breast. The cape can be bought alone, or you can complete your Spartan outfit with the hot fine real nappa leather briefs, also a close copy of the ones used in the movie. 

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