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Museum service

Tell your story
Make history alive
Truer than life
Pictorial search
Archival research
Original artefact examination

Restoration work
Pattern drafting
Period samples
Fabrics & materials selection
Period tailoring methods
Full costumes recreated
Life-size mannequins
Realistic make-up
Full exhibit set-up
Photo and video shooting

Catalogue editing

Far too often, museums are displaying reconstructed uniforms or costumes that are rather far from what should be true "museum quality": they are backed by insufficient research, made with uncorrect materials, show modern cut and construction methods, are inaccurately detailed, and often wholly machine stitched.

What I am offering is a true "museum quality service". From full research into primary period sources - both pictorial and archival - to first-hand examination of period extant garments to be copied or used as reference for comparison, to the sampling of correct materials like fabrics, trimmings, buttons, etc. to the drafting of authentic period patterns, and the use of tailoring techniques that faithfully mirror period practice, every single step of the replicating - or reconstructing - process is of the highest standard, i.e. truly "museum quality".

The final results are garments that are authentically recreated, and virtually undistinguishable from original ones, and can thus be displayed in museums besides or in place of original clothing.

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