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Authentic replicas of military uniforms and civilian clothing from the 16th to the 20th century, and especially Lace Wars, Napoleonic, Crimean War, Italian Risorgimento and American Civil War have been researched, designed and reproduced for over 20 years by myself. My own original firm, “Le justeaucorps”, is now La Maison du Roy” - Authentic Costumes, which continues the same highest tradition of quality, style - and durability: some of my old customers are still proudly wearing items of clothing that were made for them fifteen or more years ago!


We are now able to offer three comprehensive ranges of period uniform and clothing reproductions:

  1. Re-enactment range: these items are produced by our partners in Pakistan who work from our own same authentically drawn patterns and closely copying our own samples. The materials are of the best quality, and either locally procured or sent out from our same sources in Europe. These items are normally available by standard sizes and heights, but can also be made to your own measures. Most visible stitching is hand-sewn. This range offers the best value for money you can find anywhere. This range is also suitable for movies, TV documentaries etc.

  2. Living history range: all these garments are produced entirely by myself, here in Milano, and are always made to measure. I only use the best and most accurate materials available, and all visible stitching and finishing is entirely hand-sewn. A sewing machine is only used for the hidden inside seams. 

  3. Museum range: this service is available - for a surcharge of  about 30% on the living history range catalogue prices - to museums and discerning customers and collectors. ALL the sewing and top-stitching is entirely done by hand (for periods earlier than the 1860s) and virtually undistinguishable from original clothing.


We manufacture ourselves, here in our workshop in Milano - Italy (or through our partners) an exceptional range of military uniforms and civilian clothing for the periods 1500 – 1900. Although our range of uniforms, costumes, headgear and equipment is quite comprehensive - as you can see by having a look at the catalogue - we are also able to recreate almost any designs of the past. We proudly boast of converting customers - and costumiers - ideas or dreams into the finest reality!


Our products are regularly bought by Reenactors, Historical Interpreters, Museums,  as well as Film, Theatre and Television Companies. Our products are being used or displayed in many countries, and featured in movies and plays. We have also been busy for up to three years researching and recreating a wonderful collection of 25 life-size, extremely realistic, and fully accoutred mannequins representing the French Maison du Roy of the 1690-1792 period. This collection has been shown in Milano in 2012 at the National Archives, Palazzo del Senato, and is going to be exhibited elsewhere in Italy, Europe and worldwide. Just have a look at the dedicated gallery. Most of these wonderfully and faithfully reconstructed uniforms are available for purchase in the specific section of our Store.

Likewise, all our standard tailored items can be ordered through this website, or for those of you who still have our old catalogues, you can use e-mail orders as before. We are also happy to receive enquiries for Cosplay clothing, just send us your design and we will reply with our quote for making your costumes.


Please take notice that all clothing is made to order, unless it is clearly marked in the website Store as a stock item. We rarely have a quiet period, and at certain times, when we get large bulk orders, we are even busier! Also, as most items require that we procure the correct materials like fabrics, trimmings, buttons and accessories which may not be in stock, we ask you to always allow at least 12 weeks for delivery - unless you are specifically quoted a shorter deadline. However, rush orders can still be received, for a price surcharge of 25%.


If you urgently need to discuss your order with me, please use the contact form and I will endeavour to call you back as soon as possible, or contact me through my own e-mail address.


If you want to see our items being made, have your measures taken or for a fitting, you can make an appointment by email and come and visit our workshop in Milano - we are open Monday to Friday, and even on Saturday or Sunday occasionally.

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