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General selling policy

These conditions are agreed upon between “La Maison du Roy” and the customer, physical person or society, that buys from our website. 
They are meant to rule the contractual obligations between the seller and the customer. They can be modified by us at any moment, in which case the conditions in force at the moment of buying will be applicable.


Our products
Products and services offered are only those that feature in our website “La Maison du Roy”, as available at the moment of purchase.
Every item is accompanied by a written description and usually photos. These show only items we have actually made, or original items we are replicating and offer for purchase.

The items the customer will get are as close as possible to those shown in the photos, though very slight differences in shades and materials may occur, due to availability.

Items made to measure
All items of clothing made to measure are cut and sewn according to the measures provided by the customer. We are not liable to answer for fitting issues that may arise from providing faulty or incorrect measures, so please take them carefully! On the other hand, we are willing to make alterations to garments whose fitting issues should arise from mistakes made by us. It is thus advisable to arrange for a fitting in our workshop for items that are going to fit tightly, that are embroidered, or for customers who may have some fitting issues.


All prices shown in our store catalogue are exclusive of taxes at the moment of purchase. They do not include VAT nor shipping, which are calculated automatically and charged at checkout, before payment is finalised and sent.

Some items shipped through carrier may be subject to additional costs. All import customs charges and additional local taxes are to be paid for by the customer. We cannot be made responsible for these.


The customer who is buying from our website needs to:
1.    Fill in the form with his own data or sign in if a returning customer.
2.   Fill in the order form with all the required infos on the item bought, as to size, colour, description, etc.
3.   Validate his purchase after checking it out.
4.   Make payment according to the method chosen.
5.   Confirm his purchase and payment.
The confirmation of purchase means accepting the present selling conditions, effectively “making the deal”. We will send a confirmation e-mail that validates the customer purchase.


Payment methods accepted
We accept payment through the following methods:
1.    Credit card.
2.   Bank wire swift or transfer.
All bank charges are to be paid for by the customer. Items are only sent after payment is received. On demand, an invoice can be provided for and sent by e-mail or post.



All items bought are carefully packaged and sent either by standard or express mail, through Postnord, or UPS, following the options chosen at checkout. 

For swords and other items that may not be sent this way, we always use an authorised carrier (UPS, DHL or FedEx). 

Items listed in the store as "in stock" and thus available for immediate shipping are usually sent within three days after payment is received. All other items made to measure or on order are sent as soon as ready, and generally within 16 weeks from purchase, unless a longer deadline is specified (e.g. embroidered clothing).  This only applies to single items (e.g. a jacket, waistcoat, breeches, etc.). For more than one item, or complete uniforms/costumes a longer deadline is to be expected.

This also applies when the customer is advised that some material is not in stock and must be procured especially. 

Bulk orders (more than three similar items, or complete uniforms) of course require longer deadlines, up to six months or maybe more, the customer must be aware of that. In this case, the deadline for completion of order and shipping is agreed upon between the customer and Authentic Costumes.

All items bought are sent to the address provided for at the moment of purchase by the customer. It may be different from the customer's own address, but it must always be clearly and fully indicated. 
All risks are born by the customer from the moment the parcel is sent from our premises. In case of damaged or missing items, the customer must act against the carrier or postal company for refund, within three days from delivery. If an additional insurance has been paid for, the purchase can be refunded up to the limit of the sum allowed.


These selling conditions are subject to the Swedish civil law. Any controversy about items or services bought from us by customers will be brought before the court of justice of Stockholm, Sweden.


All items sold by us are fully guaranteed by law (articles 1490 and following of the Italian Civil Law Code).

All customers are granted by the law the option of returning - for unsuitability or non-conformity of the item bought to that shown and described in the catalogue - the item purchased within 14 days from receiving it, and to either get a full refund, or demand an exchange. This option, however, is not available - according to the law - for items of clothing that are made to measure or on order and are not stock items. 

In case of a damaged or faulty item, or if you should happen to be wholly dissatisfied with your item, you have thus up to 14 days to ship it back to us (at your own expense).

We then offer you the option of either exchanging the damaged or faulty item with another identical one, or to get a full refund for your purchase (including postage paid for at the moment of purchase) by crediting the amount paid for back onto your credit card, or your own bank account in case of payment made through bank wire swift.

In cases when the general or agreed deadline should not be met for any reason (usually due to a backlog of orders, or unforeseen problems and delays with supply of some materials), the customer has no right to return the item, or cancel the order, but can get a partial refund on the full price paid for (5 % for each additional month of delay).

Customer satisfaction has always been our primary concern, and we want to reassure our customers that they can buy from us with confidence.

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