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Newt Scamander cosplay costume

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

An interesting and unusual project I have been working on this year, and quite dissimilar and far from my usual replica work - mainly devoted to the 18th century and Napoleonic periods - features a close replica of the 1920s style costume as worn by Newton Scamander, the main character of Fantastic Beasts, a series by the same author of the Harry Potter's saga.

This work, which was commissioned to me by Luca Bergamaschi, has involved a lot of fine, traditional style tailoring. All the various items that make up the full costume, i.e. suit of jacket and trousers, contrasting waistcoat and long winter overcoat, were cut, fitted, and made up according to the best men's tailoring practice, with custom-made padded breast interfacings of canvas and horsehair, lapels and edge taping, silk linings, and indeed a LOT of basting and fine handsewing and top-stitching with finishing thread. All of this in order to achieve the smart, traditional yet flamboyant look of the 1920s men's attire.

The end result is as close a copy of the movie costume as could possibly be made, and quite satisfying for both the customer and myself! I hope you will enjoy the photos!

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