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Swedish Karoliner "justeaucorps" 1687-1719

Swedish Karoliner "justeaucorps" 1687-1719

Soldier's Swedish coat of the pattern first introduced in 1687 and regularly issued during the Nine Years War and the Nordic War. Made of wool blue broadcloth, with "baize" (raw woollen) full lining, brass or pewter half-ball buttons all down the front, on pockets and cuffs, and at the back side pleats.

Any regiment can be recreated, both foot, Livgard, artillery and cavalry, in any colour combination. In the pics you can also see the white coats recreated for the Jacobite Irish regiment of Antrim, c. 1690, along with the original Swedish coat pattern 1687, as well as the four French justeaucorps which were bought at the time as a model to be copied. All of these extremely rare coats are preserved in the Armémuseum of Stockholm, and were personally examined since 2002. My own pattern for this style of coats has been cleverly and faithfully developed, and all the details of construction and sewing are closely replicated from these original military garments.

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    UK sizes 32"-34" 36"-38" 40"-42" 44" 46"


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