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Cent-suisse du Roy, c.1690

Cent-suisse du Roy, c.1690

Costume worn on ceremonial occasions by the Cent-suisses du Roy, a guard unit of very ancient standing, who shared with the Gardes du Corps the honour and privilege of guarding the king of France and his family. This splendid, 15th century style attire has been authentically replicated from the original one still preserved in the Zurich museum, and the very detailed specifications laid out for making these uniforms and kept at the National Archives of Paris. Likewise, the intricate pattern of silk crimson and white braid that made up the king's livery has been replicated from both the extant uniform and the original samples preserved in the Archives. Nothing like this awesome replica has ever been made before! For example, the neck ruff is made up of three tiers of finest linen trimmed with two different widths of venetian lace.

The full dress comprises the following items:

doublet, hoses, stockings, shoes, shirt, neckfrill, plumed hat, waistbelt. Weapons are not included. 

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