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Fall-front 18th century breeches

Fall-front 18th century breeches

18th century fall front breeches, the first pics show Prussian pattern ones, carefully reconstructed (and fully hand-sewn in museum-quality for a Canadian customer) from regulations and a period drawing by Schmettau dated from 1773, with the peculiar fall, opening to the right side only with a button and stitched down close to the left side. Knee natural linen heringbone bands. The other photos are of original breeches of the Swedish army preserved in the Armémuseum, but any other army and unit can really be reconstructed.

They are made of wool cloth or kersey, faced or fully lined with natural linen or hemp, buttons of pewter, brass or covered in the same fabric. 

Available in standard waist sizes and inseam lengths, as they were meant to be rather full around the seat and crotch, to allow for movement, sitting, riding, etc. If you prefer a tighter fit, or for the later period from c. 1770, please fill in the measure form.


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