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Fly-front 18th century breeches

Fly-front 18th century breeches

18th century fly front breeches, here illustrated a pair for sergeants of the Gardes Françaises with silver braid trim, but any army and unit can really be reconstructed.

They are made of wool cloth faced with natural linen or hemp, buttons of pewter or brass. 

Available in standard waist sizes and inseam lengths, as they were meant to be rather full around the seat and crotch, to allow for movement, sitting, riding, etc.

The full price shown is for French and British style breeches, with side pockets and knee garters for buckles (to be bought seperately), though a plainer version whithout pockets and with tape knee fastening is also available, for a discounted price. 

    PriceFrom €180.00
    Excluding VAT
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