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Forte-épée à la mousquetaire

Forte-épée à la mousquetaire

Heavy cavalry sword of the type "à la mousquetaire" which was used in the first half of the 18th century by most units of the French "Maison du Roy", and was later replaced by specific patterns for each unit. A very similar design, though with a shorter and lighter blade, was introduced in 1767 as the officers side weapon.

Gilt brass stirrup hilt with double halve guard 19.5 cm long, melon pommel, blade of c. 89cm length and 2,8cm width, black leather scabbard with gilt brass fittings (throat and tip).

These swords - like the other patterns featured in our catalogue - have been specially developed to compliment the uniformed mannequins of the exhibition "La Maison du Roy", and are faithful replicas of the original swords preserved in the Musée de l'Armée of Paris (see pics at bottom).

They are manufactured to the highest standard, wonderfully detailed, and are a fine addition to any serious collection, the more so because original ones are extremely rare and sold at prohibitive prices. They do not have a sharp edge or point, so can be bought without any licence.

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