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French 1812 Bardin gaiters

French 1812 Bardin gaiters

French gaiters of the 1812 Bardin regulations. Made universal for all foot soldiers (line and light infantry, foot artillery, sappers and miners, navy artillery, Young Guard, etc.), the photos show an original one probably belonging to a Young guard unit, my exact copy are available like this with flat metal buttons or with regulation leather or bone buttons for line troops.

They are made of sturdy black "tricot" (2/2 twill kersey woollen cloth) and lined with raw linen or hemp canvas, leather foot instep. Available in standard sizes, they can easily be altered and made to fit close to your leg by resewing the back seam, just as it was done at the time.

  • standard size chart

      xsmall small medium large xlarge
    length 38-15" 40,5-16" 43-17" 45,5-18" 48-19"
    calf 36-14" 38-15" 40,5-16" 43-17" 45,5-18"
    ankle 22-8"1/2 23-9" 24-9"1/2 25-10" 26-10"1/2


PriceFrom €140.00
Excluding VAT
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