French 1812 Bardin pantaloons

French 1812 Bardin pantaloons

French pantaloons made universal for all foot units by the 1812 Bardin regulations, and previously used by the light infantry. The pics show an original pair, my own replica is made exactly identically, and with the same "tricot" twill kersey wool cloth. Available in white, blue, mixed grey-blue (gris de fer for artillery train), and in standard waist sizes and inseam lenghts. They can be easily made to fit tight all along the leg by taking in the side seams slightly, as was done at the time (there are entries that this was done e.g. for the Young Guard units after the battle of Wagram, during the lull in the fighting). You can also send me your own measures (see measure form above) and they will be cut to fit you. 

    Waist size
    inside leg

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