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French gaiters 1844-1855-1858-1867

French gaiters 1844-1855-1858-1867

French gaiters of the patterns 1844, 1858 and 1867, reconstructed from the text and plates of the regulations, and extant original specimen, including one in my own collection.

Made of fine cotton fabric, faced with the same, closed with 9 or 11 horn 4-hole buttons. From the 1855 pattern there is an additional row of buttons on the top half of the gaiters to allow to fasten these over the bottom of the trousers tucked into, in bad weather and on campaign. Available in the 4 standard sizes, they can easily be altered and made to fit at your leg by tightening or loosening up the back seam slightly.

  • standard size chart

      small medium large xlarge
    length 25-10" 26-10"1/2 27-10"3/4 28-11"
    calf 38-15" 40,5-16" 43-17" 45,5-18"
    ankle 23-9" 24-9"1/2 25-10" 26-10"1/2


PriceFrom €120.00
Excluding VAT
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