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Swiss & French Guard officer's waistcoat 1735-1762

Swiss & French Guard officer's waistcoat 1735-1762

Officer's waistcoat of the Swiss or French Guards, painstakingly reconstructed from period paintings and other written or pictorial primary sources. These vests are made of superfine scarlet or blue cloth, lined with fine red twill wool serge of a silk-like finish, and lavishly trimmed all around the edges and pockets with fine silver lace of a design later known as "Austrian wave", as it was also used by the Austrian army, up until the I World War and beyond.

The pattern was almost identical for the two units. These uniforms are really the epitome of the so-called "Lace Wars", and an iconic item to own and wear!

These waistcoats are only made to your own measures.

Included in the basic price are silvered domed buttons with rim. If you want wonderful embroidery buttons worked in silver thread, there is an option for the extra cost.  

    PriceFrom €450.00
    Excluding VAT
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