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French riding overalls "pantalons de cheval"

French riding overalls "pantalons de cheval"

French riding trousers or "pantalons de cheval", meticulously copied from an original extant specimen in a private collection dwn to its smallest details. Made of strong mixed grey (or any other colour of choice) wool broadcloth, with inside leg reinforcing piece of the same cloth, outside facing colour cloth band, narrow fall front, cut-out bottom leg to allow for the trousers to be worn over the boots. Lower leg opening fastened with unusual cord lacing, bone buttons and hooks & eyes. The best replica of these smart and comfortable riding trousers you can find anywhere! Available in standard sizes or made to measure (fill in the measure form in the photos above). Officer's version in finer material and finishing also available. 

    PriceFrom €360.00
    Excluding VAT
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