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Garde de la Manche du Roy

Garde de la Manche du Roy

Ceremonial dress worn by the Gardes de la Manche du Roy, the men who stayed beside the king of France wherever he went, and escorted him to his coronation, wedding, funeral and entombment. In all these occasions they wore - over the normal uniform of the Gardes du Corps, blue with red cuffs and lining and profusely trimmed with silver braid - a magnificently embroidered "hoqueton" or coat-of-arms, worked in gold thread over silk satin. An awesome attire that iconically epitomizes the magnificence of the court of France from Louis XIV to Louis XVI. 

Painstakingly reconstructed from period primary pictorial sources and written descriptions, this magnificent dress comprises:

blue coat with red cuffs and lining trimmed with silver braid, red waistcoat with silver braid, red breeches and stockings, shoes, white linen shirt, white pleated linen neckstock, black felt hat with silver braid edging, silver laced leather waistbelt, white silk "hoqueton" embroidered in gold.

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