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Prussian officer's "Rock" (coat) 1798

Prussian officer's "Rock" (coat) 1798

Prussian officer's coat or "Rock", the one illustrated is that of an engineer, with black velvet facings and trimmed with silver embroidered laces, though any unit can really be done, including Guards, Jaegers, artillery, cavalry, etc. 

Faithfully copied from original coats preserved in Germany, this coat is made of superfine cloth, lined in the body and tails with cloth or velvet, and fine linen or twill silk in the back and sleeves. 

The patten of 1803, with square-cut lapels made to fasten to the waist (worn during the 1806 campaign), is also available for the same price, just choose which pattern you want.

Only available on measure.

    PriceFrom €680.00
    Excluding VAT
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