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Sabre of the Grenadiers à cheval

Sabre of the Grenadiers à cheval

Sabre of the famed Horse Grenadiers of the French "Maison du Roy", of the pattern used between 1725 and 1734. Copied from an original one in a private collection, which was the object of a detailed article by the foremost French authority on the subject, Michel Pétard, in Gazette des Armes no. 279 of July-August 1997.  

This fine pattern features a simple stirrup brass hilt and a curved steel blade with fuller, wich is engraved on the reverse side with a flaming grenade, the inscription "grenadier à cheval", then another grenade, an Apollo's head and the name VILLEMOR, captain of the company from 1691. On the obverse there is a grenade, then the motto "undique terror undique letum", then the royal arms and "LE ROY", who was nominally the owner of this company.

Black leather scabbard with brass fittings (throat and tip).

This sword - like all the other patterns featured in our catalogue - has been specially developed to compliment the uniformed mannequin of the exhibition "La Maison du Roy", and is a faithful replica of the original one preserved in the private collection (see pics and drawings above).

These swords are manufactured to the highest standard, wonderfully detailed, and are a fine addition to any serious collection, especially because the original ones are extremely rare and sold at prohibitive prices. They do not have a sharp edge or point, so can be bought without any licence.


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