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Sleeved waistcoat 1779-1786

Sleeved waistcoat 1779-1786

Sleeved waistcoat as worn in the French army until the 1812 Bardin reforms. The pattern shown in the photos is that of 1779-1786 as worn by the Swiss Guards, it is made of wool kersey ("tricot"), lined with woollen serge in the body and sleeves, raw linen in the tails, and sports three-pointed, buttoned pocket flaps (private soldiers' vests by regulations had only the right pocket functional, the left one was ficticious).

Plain brass or pewter buttons (you can put your own regimental buttons instead). Bone buttons in the cuffs as per regulations. Finely hand-worked buttonholes. As usual, the vest is almost entirely hand-sewn.

Similar sleeved vests in use by other armies of this period can also be reproduced.

Available in standard sizes or made to measure.

  • standard size chart

      small medium large xlarge
    EU sizes 46-48 50-52 54-56 58-60
    UK sizes 36"-38" 40"-42" 44" 46"


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