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White/black long gaiters

White/black long gaiters

White linen, cotton or hemp canvas gaiters with bone or leather buttons. Exact pattern accroding to army regulations, they were generally worn to mid-thigh length or slighlty shorter, above the knee. Hand sewn buttonholes.

Available to standard sizes, can be easily altered to fit tightly to the leg by taking in the back seam, which is left raw on purpose.

Grey (raw) linen marching gaiters and black cloth (twill serge or kersey) gaiters can also be made.

Also available are French Imperial Guard gaiters, both full dress white cotton (basin) with covered buttons, and black cloth (serge) ordinary dress with brass shank buttons. Choose officer's option in the menu and specify Imperial Guard black or white in the required field.

  • standard size chart

      xsmall small medium large xlarge
    length 53,5-21" 56-22" 58,5-23" 61-24" 63,5-25"
    calf 36-14" 38-15" 40,5-16" 43-17" 45,5-18"
    ankle 22-8"1/2 23-9" 24-9"1/2 25-10" 26-10"1/2


PriceFrom €170.00
Excluding VAT
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